Safety equipment designed for challenging conditions

Kinetic Technology (KTI) has been designing and manufacturing EPIRBs for over 20 years in Melbourne Australia. KTI specialises in designing and developing beacons for commercial and military use. KTI SafetyAlert emergency beacons have been rigorously tested and approved by the Australian Department of Defence and remain a supplier of choice.

The last line of defence for those who go to sea or drive in remote areas

Most love the adventure of getting out on the water or going four wheel driving in the wilderness knowing that having the right safety equipment is vital to their survival. That is why experienced boaters and adventurers never go out without a SafetyAlert EPIRB.

You will feel safer and more confident in an emergency because our advanced EPIRBs receive a faster and more accurate response from search and rescue authorities. The SafetyAlert SA1 and SA1G EPIRBs transmit a distress signal for over 72 hours after activation and incorporate a powerful strobe light for detection at night or in poor visibility.