Search and Rescue Training Beacon

Search and Rescue Training BeaconThe KTI Search and Rescue Training Beacon boasts almost all of the characteristics of an EPIRB plus the ability to withstand being dropped from aircraft into water. The KTI Search and Rescue Training Beacon also features field replaceable alkaline batteries that transmit for approximately 10 hours on fresh batteries.


Transmission: 121.40 MHz 243.80 MHz continuous


  • Option A: 330mm rubber coated stainless steel
  • Option B: 500mm spring mounted solid whip

Modulation Characteristics: Amplitude modulated with a modulation depth of greater than 85%. Tone down swept of 700Hz minimum range between the limits 1600Hz to 300Hz.

Activation: Removal of plastic hold off block by a pull cord allowing automatic activation then buoy is deployed

Batteries: Four user replaceable “AA” size alkaline cells

Dimensions: 25cm high x 8cm diameter – excluding aerial

Endurance: 10 hours minimum with fresh batteries at 21 degrees C.

Weight: 950 grams

Warranty: The product is warranted to be free of faulty workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.