SAR Datum Buoy

The SAR Datum beacons are designed to be dropped from aircraft into water to mark a position during air/sea rescue operations. SAR Datum buoys are manufactured in multiple frequencies and modulation tones to allow a number of these beacons to be in operation at the same time.



  • 119.05 MHz 238.10 MHz 495 Hz Modulation
  • 119.15 MHz 238.30 MHz 700 Hz Modulation
  • 119.25 MHz 238.50 MHz 990 Hz Modulation
  • 119.35 MHz 238.70 MHz 1400 Hz Modulation


  • Option A: 330mm rubber coated stainless steel
  • Option B: 500mm spring mounted solid whip

Modulation Characteristics: Amplitude modulation, Swept tone.

Activation: Removal of plastic hold off block by a pull cord allowing automatic activation then buoy is deployed

Batteries: Two long-life lithium C cells (sulphur dioxide free), with a greater than 10 year shelf life, recommended replacement after 5 years.

Dimensions: 25cm high x 8cm diameter – excluding aerial

Endurance: 48 hours minimum – 72 hours when batteries new

Weight: 950 grams

Warranty: 5 years parts and labour