Liferaft Locator Beacon

KTI Liferaft Locator BeaconThe KTI Liferaft Locator Beacon is manufactured specifically for deployment with a life raft during air/sea rescue operations. Installed in or attached to a life raft, the Liferaft Locator Beacon can withstand being dropped from 1000 feet into water and is unaffected by un-pressurised air transport.



  • 121.85 MHz and 243.70 MHz continuous, crystal locked.
  • 121.95 MHz and 243.90 MHz continuous, crystal locked.
  • Other frequencies available to order.


  • 330mm rubber coated stainless steel
  • Modulation Characteristics: Amplitude modulation, Warble tone. Modulation depth greater than 99%.

Activation: Automatic by removal of external magnet releasing internal normally closed magnetic switch contacts.

Batteries: Two long-life lithium C cells (sulphur dioxide free), with a greater than 10 year shelf life, recommended replacement after 5 years.

Dimensions: 25cm high x 8cm diameter – excluding aerial

Gross Weight: 950 grams

Warranty: 5 years parts and labour