Specialty Beacons

Safety-Alert beacon range

Life Raft Locator Beacon

The KTI Liferaft Locator Beacon is manufactured specifically for deployment with a life raft during air/sea rescue operations. Installed in or attached to a life-raft, the Liferaft Locator Beacon can withstand being dropped from 1000 feet into water and is unaffected by un-pressurised air transport.

SAR Datum Buoy

The SAR Datum beacons are designed to be dropped from aircraft into water to mark a position during air/sea rescue operations. SAR Datum buoys are manufactured in multiple frequencies and modulation tones to allow a number of these beacons to be in operation at the same time.

Search and Rescue Training Beacon

The KTI Search and Rescue Training Beacon boasts almost all of the characteristics of an EPIRB plus the ability to withstand being dropped from aircraft into water. The KTI Search and Rescue Training Beacon also features field replaceable alkaline batteries that transmit for approximately 10 hours on fresh batteries.