Aero-Guidance Mark 4

With the rising cost of operating aircraft, fuel – maintenance – airways charges etc, now more than ever it makes sense to practice and hone instrument flying skills inexpensively on the ground.

By harnessing the speed and technology of today’s latest computer systems, Aero-Guidance delivers the ultimate in aviation realism and flight dynamics.

The Aero-Guidance Mark 4 is designed for solo flight simulations. It can be used to maintain recency on land based navaids including NDB, VOR, ILS/LLZ.

It includes the Australian database and a quality yoke and rudder pedals. This unit is designed for pilots who wish to practice instrument flying and improve their instrument skills without necessarily seeking CASA authorised IFR credits which come with the Mark 5 and Mark 6 FSD2 units.

Aero-Guidance Mark 4 manual