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Aero-Guidance Mark 5 & 6

Aero-Guidance Mark 5 screenThe Aero-Guidance Mark 5 (solo pilots) and Mark 6 (pilot and instructor) Synthetic Trainers have been designed to give aviators a low cost method of legally honing instrument flying skills whilst at the same time contributing to recency requirements and flight dynamics, all of which can recorded and can be printed out for debriefing purposes whilst at the same time, if required, producing random in flight failures which are not practical in an aircraft.

The unique ratiometric controls of the Aero-Guidance system eliminate non-linearity and drift problems that are so common with other computer based simulations. The KTI synthetic trainers compare favourably with purpose-built flight simulators but at a fraction of the cost.

Common to both the Mark 5 and Mark 6 are a control console, a yoke, a rudder bar, software, cables and an operations manual.

The Aero-Guidance Mark 5 is designed for solo flight simulations with CASA endorsement for the accrual of enroute instrument time and instrument approaches. It can therefore be used to accumulate the 2 hours (of three) enroute instrument time each 90 days and to maintain approach recency on navaids, including ILS/LLZ.

Aero-Guidance Mark 5 pedalsThe Aero-Guidance Mark 6 has the software capacity to connect an instructor’s console for complete instrument training. Holding full CASA approval as a complete Category B Synthetic Trainer, the Mark 6 covers instrument training (up to 20 hours for the Command Instrument Rating and PPL), accrual of instrument time for recency and all instrument approaches (except GPS arrivals) and renewals.

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