KTI slashes the cost of EPIRB ownership in half

The world’s first & only EPIRB with
20 year life – 10 year battery

Battery replacement costs every five or six years on other brands (plus freight) can effectively double the original purchase price. By the time Safety Alert EPIRB owners are planning their first battery replacement, owners of other brands will be forced to replace their whole beacon due to their limited service life of only 10 to 12 years.

KTI Safety Alert range of EPIRBs offer the following exclusive features:

  • World’s only approved EPIRB with a 10 year battery replacement interval
  • 20 year life with only one battery replacement
  • 10 year warranty
  • Totally manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions
  • Approved to operate both in and out of water
  • SA1G transmits GPS location in less than one minute after activation. Thereafter, five minute GPS updates
  • SA1G has a 66 channel GPS accurate to three metres

When you consider that KTI Safety-Alert range of EPIRBS sell for much the same price as other lesser products, it is easy to see why KTI can claim that their Safety-Alert EPIRBs, with many extra exclusive features, represent half the cost or twice the value when compared to any other EPIRBs.