Hidden costs of EPIRB battery replacement

Owners of marine 406MHz EPIRBs purchased in 2005 or 2006 should check the battery expiry date on their EPIRBs as they are now approaching the end of their useful battery life and require replacing. KTI strongly urges people contemplating a battery replacement or the purchase of a new EPIRB to STOP and consider the options.

A five or six year battery replacement for a 406 MHz marine EPIRB will cost some $200.00 plus freight. For a small extra cost, you can purchase a new Safety Alert 406 MHz EPIRB with an exclusive 10 year battery and 10 year warranty.

Consider: For a relatively small extra cost you can purchase a new latest technology Australian made SafetyAlert SA1 EPIRB which has a world first and exclusive 10 year battery replacement interval and a 10 year warranty along with many important features other companies simply cannot and do not offer.

Check the KTI EPIRB comparison list. We feel sure that when you compare the features and consider “dollar value” you will decide to purchase a Safety Alert SA1 EPIRB rather than waste your money on an old technology, inferior unit, powered by batteries that last half the time.

In an emergency you need to be found in the shortest possible time; therefore you should consider upgrading to KTI’s lightning fast and highly accurate GPS EPIRB, the Safety Alert SA1G, with it’s 66 channel GPS processor. This unit also has the exclusive 10 year battery replacement interval and 10 year warranty.

If you buy a KTI SafetyAlert SA1 or SA1G EPIRB, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are designed and manufactured here in Australia specifically for Australian conditions.